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youtuber, video producer,
Content Creator

The anthem for the fans

What you do as a Youtuber is important for your fans. They rely on what you say and what you stand for. You are one of them and therefore they want to contribute to your success. So do we: Your story and the way you create content determine the theme and make it a unique asset of your channel. 

Research & music editing

You have concrete ideas in which direction your theme should go, but you can't find what you're looking for and need support in your search. We're happy to help.

Musical Concept

You regularly publish content and build your brand. The channel theme should reflect the way you create content. We'll take care of that.

Composition & Production

The essence of your character as a content creator, video producer and film director makes your channel unique. This is what your theme sounds like too.

These tracks are results of «Pro» projects written, composed, and produced by GYST


Use cases «Youtuber Pro»
Writing, Composition & Production by GYST
Titles: «Magic» and «Crow Your Coins»
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