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Events, Shows & Entertainment
Managers, owners, creatives

A song to start it all

Everything is looking forward to that moment when it starts - your match, your event, your show. The unique chance to captivate your audience and impress your competition. You know the plan and have mastered the repertoire. We know how music creates impact and we write the appropriate opener.

Research & music editing

Sound for sports spectacles, media events, fashion shows, galas. Music that matches the character, leads through the program and sets highlights.

Musical concept

Music selection is about more than a sound system. How do you want your audience to experience the event? How do you show in advance what is happening here?

Composition & Production

You know your audience and you know what they expect. We write and produce an opener, uncompromising, that exceeds the expected.

These tracks are results of «Pro» projects written, composed, and produced by GYST


Use case «Event Pro»
Writing, Composition & Production by GYST
Title: «Sapphire Waves»
The Dance Event, Zurich Hallenstadion

The Dance - an event in a class of its own

The twelve world's best urban dance crews compete against each other in the Hallenstadion in Zurich, supported by top-class DJs. A well-known international jury evaluates the crews, who push each other to achieve top performance in order to write dance history.

«Event Pro», Theme for The Dance: «Sapphire Waves»

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