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Offerings, benefits and price


Questions about GYST

Billing Basic & Advance: After you have sent the order, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by email with the payment information. Please transfer the amount within one week.

Payment As soon as we receive the payment, we will confirm the order and deliver in the specified period, i.e.: 3 working days for «Basic» 7 working days for «Advance» By arrangement for «Pro»

Administration We register newly created works with SUISA. The declarations of the use of music we do not take over and must be done by you.

Use / Licenses Pro: Usage is unlimited. Basic & Advance: Usage is not included in the prices. Neither negotiations, order and/or the purchase of licenses, nor their fee for the use of the music. The declaration and handling of the rights of use must be done explicitly by you, because only you know the purposes of use. Furthermore, the costs can vary greatly depending on the choice of music (e.g. Original vs. Stock vs. Royalty Free).

Management Basic: We deliver the music tracks with a link via email. Advance: We present the concept to you in a virtual meeting. Afterwards you will receive a written summary and the links to the music by email. Pro: After presentation of the concept (analog Advance) we offer the composition and production of your individual piece of music. In a listening session we present the piece to you. Afterwards we produce it and send you file and stems as download.

Composition and production Depending on the musical concept (Advance) the individual piece of music turns out differently. This has e.g. influence on the number and availability of artists, singers, session musicians, languages instrumentation etc.

Offer for «Pro» We offer the services for composition and production based on the developed music concept (Advance) without obligation and free of charge.

Place multiple orders Generally, we only accept single orders. If you have several different orders for the same project at the same time, please contact us. We will find a solution.

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