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what we do for you
Research & music editing

The right music in the perfect form

3 suggestions, razor-sharp on what you're looking for and tailored to your program, performance or film.

Musical Concept

Characteristics and values translated into music

Leave nothing to chance when choosing music. With our expertise, you can specifically reinforce your expression or the effect of your message.

Composition & Production

Unique piece of music for your story

An exclusive piece of music that underlines your uniqueness and will be remembered by your audience for a long time. Strengthen your brand. 

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Music conception made easy

Have the perfect music found or written specifically for you. In English, German, French or as an instrumental. Our approach focuses on the impact your soundtrack creates.


You choose 6 out of 18 terms and control the combination individually. With that we transfer your characteristics and values into musical specifications and design the musical concept that suits you.

Avoid complicated processes. Translate your personality or brand directly into musical results.


These songs are results of «Pro» projects,
Composition and production by GYST
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