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Corporate video content
Creators, Managers, Publishers

Wings for your brand story

Moving image is everything. But video is only half the story. Iconic music catches your ear and stays in your head. It creates an emotional connection to the image and gives the story texture, color and depth. If music and image are of one piece, your audience will feel it. It perceives the video as authentic. An impression of your company that sticks and has an impact. 

Research & music editing

You use video and need audio in more and more channels. We know sources with excellent stock music and make suggestions for the scoring.

Musical Concept

Establish an effective brand image and adapt it for individual applications. We find your musical language, from the header to the bumper, in all channels.

Composition & Production

Music is more than the audio track for beautiful pictures. Tone is interchangeable, charisma is not. We help to make this noticeable for your brand.

These tracks are results of «Pro» projects composed and produced by GYST
The right music does more for your brand than ad hoc solutions

The continuous application of your own music concept strengthens trust and goodwill. Check out these identical intros to a movie. Notice how your impression of the story changes with the music.

The importance of the right music is underestimated. Usually for reasons of cost, something is used that is available quickly and cheaply. This inconsistency is fatal because it dilutes your brand perception. To counteract this, there is GYST.


Use case «Corporate Video Content Pro»
Writing, Composition & Production by GYST
Title: «Voilà ma Suisse»
Voilà ma Suisse Campaign
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