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GYST's Terms of Service

All about GYST's terms and conditions, services, solutions, prices, copyrights and terms of use.

The essentials

GYST («we») is a service for researching and producing music that fits the brand of the client («you»). For private individuals, this means finding music or having it produced according to certain criteria with the aim of strengthening the perception of the personal brand. For companies, this means having music found or made according to certain criteria with the aim of strengthening the perception of the company or brand. 

For music research and production, we go beyond the standard of commissioned forms on the market and offer the simple option of specifically describing music ("mapping"), which removes the complexity of commissioned music and replaces costly strategy processes.

GYST's services can be used for the soundtrack of film and video (e.g. "Corporate Video Content" or "Youtuber"), accompaniment of activities (e.g. "Figure Skater" or "Event"), events (e.g. "Event") or in the Communication for brands and products (e.g. "Brand & Communication" or "Corporate Video Content").

In the future, GYST will develop further services and offer them on

Important! Use is unlimited for music created by GYST. The following applies to all other or researched pieces of music: You are responsible for the licensing. GYST does not manage copyrights for the use or use of music. GYST does not negotiate, order and/or purchase licenses, nor does GYST charge fees for use. You must expressly declare and process the rights of use, as only you know the intended use. In addition, the costs can vary greatly depending on the intended use and depending on the music selection (e.g. original vs. stock). 


These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to orders placed via GYST. The consent to these terms and conditions is given by using the «Services». When using individual GYST services, clients can be asked to repeat their agreement to the GTC by clicking on a corresponding confirmation field.

The use of legal and natural personal data is regulated in the data protection declaration. The data protection declaration is an integral and binding part of these GTC. These GTC and the data protection declaration are deemed to have been accepted by you as soon as you submit the order form. If you reject these terms and conditions or the data protection declaration, you may not send the order form.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions. The version of the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of the order is decisive and cannot be changed unilaterally for the order in question.


Research and music editing:Based on the information submitted, we research 3 pieces of music. If desired, we cut the music to fit the intended use (e.g. freestyle music, etc.).

Musical concept:Based on the information submitted, we develop the musical concept and research 3 suitable pieces of music. We will present the concept to you in a virtual meeting. If desired, we cut the music to fit the intended use.

Composition & Production:Based on the musical concept, we compose and produce a suitable piece of music in full length (approx. 3 minutes), which we will present to you in the layout version (listening session). We register the final piece of music with SUISA (without declaring its use).

The services do not include:

  • Purchasing from third-party providers, such as: external service providers and/or stock music databases and platforms

  • The negotiation and purchase of usage rights or licenses of original music or stock music music bei Artists, artist representatives such as management, labels, etc. owners of copyright and usage rights

  • Declaration of use (e.g. with the author or with SUISA).

We may change or discontinue the Services at any time.
GYST enables the efficient conception of music with the mapping. By submitting the order form, you are asking us to individually process and discuss your details. An order can be rejected by us without entitlement to processing and continuation and without giving reasons. Any payment already made for this purpose will be refunded in such a case.

We only act as a contractor after we have confirmed receipt of payment. By using the commissioned services, a contract is concluded in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

Placing of Orders

To start an order, you must fill out the order form on and provide your contact information. The following is necessary for this:

  • You are authorized to make decisions on behalf of the commissioning company

  • Complete, truthful and correct data entry

  • Accept these terms and conditions and the privacy policy

For the order you have to identify yourself with your personal data such as first name, last name, company and e-mail address. If data is incorrect or not available, the order will not be accepted. The order is only considered accepted once payment has been confirmed.

After submitting the order form, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt at the email address entered on the order form. It contains the bank details for paying the order value according to the price list. The price list can be seen at It will ask you to make the payment within a week. If this period expires, the order request expires.

With confirmation of receipt of payment we accept the order. From this point in time, the periods specified in the solutions apply to the provision of services. 

You acknowledge that it is exclusively in your own area of responsibility and risk, what information you use to send the order form and that this done in good time. Individual orders can be started on ("Solutions"). This defines the scope and period of work. We reserve the right to limit the amount of order execution and not to execute orders if the amount of work required is disproportionately high. We will check the content of the order and not execute it if the time available is disproportionately short. 

Acknowledgments of receipt and all communications from will be deemed delivered when sent to the email address provided on the order form.

We are free to reject inquiries or orders in whole or in part without giving reasons. In this case, the client will be informed. Further claims are excluded.

Order acceptance

A contract is concluded with the confirmation of payment for the correct amount by GYST via e-mail.  

Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright, usage, application, exploitation, distribution, broadcasting and synchronization rights and other rights to and properties of music created by GYST remain exclusively and comprehensively with GYST. The assignment of individual rights takes place within the framework of the "Solution Pro" and requires the written consent of the author or us. Copyrights are not transferable under the Swiss URG of October 9, 1992 (as of January 1, 2022).

The website and all of the content accessible via the website are protected by copyright and, unless otherwise specified, belong exclusively and comprehensively to the operators. The (complete or partial) reproduction, distribution, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the content for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of the operators. 


Any liability for negligence and for indirect or consequential damage is expressly excluded. Consequential damages are, in particular, lost profits, damage to reputation and loss of data as a result of temporary impairments or interruptions in the availability of GYST's services as a result of technical failure, transmission errors, untimely delivery of content, incorrect service information and errors in the confirmation of receipt. Any liability of for incorrect content of the website and websites of third parties to which refers or vice versa, third-party websites that refer to is also excluded.

Unfortunately, the transmission of data and content over the Internet is never completely secure. Although we continually take appropriate measures to protect data and content, we cannot guarantee the security of transmitted data and content. Any transmission of data and content is at your own risk and responsibility.

Final Provisions

Erfüllungsort für die Dienstleistung von GYST einschliesslich weiterführender Dienstleistungen ist der Sitz der Betreiber.

Sollten einzelne oder mehrere Bestimmungen dieser AGB ganz oder teilweise unwirksam oder nicht durchsetzbar sein oder werden, sind die Wirksamkeit oder Durchsetzbarkeit der übrigen Bestimmungen dieser AGB oder des Vertragsverhältnisses bei Zahlungsbestätigung nicht berührt. Wir werden in diesem Fall die unwirksame oder nicht durchsetzbare Bestimmung durch eine wirksame und durchsetzbare Bestimmung ersetzen, die dem wirtschaftlichen Zweck der zu ersetzenden Bestimmung am nächsten kommt. Dasselbe gilt sinngemäss für den Fall, dass diese AGB eine Regelungslücke enthalten sollten.

Auf diese AGB beziehungsweise das Vertragsverhältnis mit GYST ist ausschliesslich Schweizer Recht anwendbar. Ausschliesslicher Gerichtsstand für alle Streitigkeiten zwischen GYST und Auftraggeber ist der Sitz der Betreiber.

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